Muslims Against Crusades


Press Release - 16th September 2010

16th September 2010, ushered in a new chapter in the bitter crusade against Islam and Muslims as Pope Benedict XVI, began his malicious and self-absorbed campaign in the United Kingdom. In the last 24 hours the Pope’s pompous inauguration has swelled on to TV screens, and made apparent for everyone living in Britain (and indeed across the world), the apathy of the Vatican towards tyrannical regimes and their despotic rulers.

As Pope Benedict XVI continues to sanctify secularism en masse and scatter his poisonous creed to the people, we are reminded of the gravity of his visit and the need for Muslims to rise and account the crimes of this very wicked man; the Pope’s habit for sacrilegious speech, poignantly became manifest on 12th September 2006, where he cunningly proceeded to endorse the slander of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw), through calculated comments deliberately intended to malign the Deen of Al-Islam.

With the world divided into two distinct camps, it is clear to see whose side Pope Benedict XVI is on, and as he continues to jovially meet the most evil of tyrants, including George W Bush and Tony Blair, it appears to reinforce the premise that he is nothing more than the devils advocate.

In light of this, Muslims Against Crusades, have decided to instigate a forceful demonstration, to send a chilling reminder to the Pope – that we as Muslims have not forgotten him. His foul remarks against Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his continued blasphemy against Allah (SWT) will soon be accounted. The repercussions of befriending brutal dictators can never be erased by empty words attempting to suggest the contrary, for indeed actions speak louder than words.

We sincerely advise Pope Benedict XVI that if he truly wishes to be saved from the Day of Great Trial, to give up his polytheistic position and repent for his crimes, and moreover to accept the Qur’an, and ultimately the finality of the Messenger Muhammad (saw).

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